The following changes are made to the style of the Frontiers in Bioscience. Please note that the content of the Frontiers in Bioscience is updated on a daily basis.

Version 6.0

Upgrading of the homepage using style sheet and enhancement of features. Please upgrade your browser to avoid problems.
Addition of translations to page of FBS.
Improvement of the journal and virtual library for ease of access.
Addition of a menu bar to improve browsing.

Version 2.9

Additions to the journal
Additions to the virtual library
Additions to News for Scientists
Relocation of US Main site to California Server
Addition of monthly log reports
Addition of JavaScript PopUp Calculator and other Javascript-based features
Additions and restructuring of the Medical links

Version 2.2

Restructuring of the journal and virtual library
Additions to the journal
Additions to the virtual library

Version 2.1

Addition of more articles
Addition of some JavaScript
Increased selection of vital links

Version 2.0

Addition of some articles
Endometriosis FAQ
Upgrading of the patient platform
Change of the name of virus hints platform to Internet Hints
Additions of Editors
Modified journal graphics
Addition of HTML 3.0 Frameset gateway
Improved strategy for searching of various Internet sites
Increased selection of vital links

Version 1.8

Addition of this page.
Instructions on how to best view the journal.
Additon of new editorial board members
Restructuring of the editorial board members listing
Addition of non-graphical pages
Addition of visitor counter
Addition of Quick finder index

On-going revisions

Additions and restructuring of vital link pages.
Additions to Knockout database.
Additions to Company listings.
A new section on softwares for biologists/students
Development of on-line journal club for published manuscripts
Development of conferences in a virtual conference room
Instructions for attendance to the on-line journal club and virtual conference club
Collaborations with other multimedia/information systems