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S* Bioinformatics Course Registration for

BI5002 : Introduction to Bioinformatics

The registration for the current S* Bioinformatics Online course is CLOSED. If you register now, your name will be included in the waiting list for the next course.

REQUIREMENTS : You must have the following

  • PC

  • Windows

  • Internet Explorer

  • Windows media player

  • Fast internet connectivity for

    • local area network (if any)

    • internet service provider (e.g. which Internet service provider the university, institution or the home user uses

    • international connectivity of the ISP with tracert (traceroute) times of less than 300milliseconds at these bottlenecks before it hit.

Enrolled students have to listen to S* online lectures, participate in S* discussion forums and take an assessment test for each of the 14 lectures comprising this Course to pass and qualify for the certificate of participation.

Those interested may register via the following on-line form.

IMPORTANT NOTE :To be accepted to the course, shortlisted registrants will receive an email invitation and must express acceptance to both the course and to the registration fees via a stated link in the email. Subsequently, an email containing the login id and password would be sent to confirmed students.IVLE

For more information or to withdraw from the course, please email the course@s-star.org.

For more information of the course, please read course instructions. All registrants should have the necessary technical pre-requisites to take this course.

If you encounter any problems during the registration, please contact registration@s-star.org.

Click here to register.

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